The rich culture, history, and hospitality of Dubai is shared in full HD with Dubai.TV’s fast paced, high-end productions, presenting the City of Gold in all its glory. From Dubai’s mystic deserts, pre-histotric artifacts and glorious forts to its ultra-modern skyscrapers, Dubai.TV will have audiences running to their travel agents to book their flights.


Dubai is ahead of the curve on reporting the newest real estate, business and investment projects in Dubai as well as investment projects spearheaded by Dubai around the globe. Dubai.TV gives the world an inside look at the investment opportunities and brilliant business minds behind the country's most promising ventures.


Dubai.TV is the perfect destination for live streaming international sporting events that are held in Dubai. Our sports videos brings the world audience directly to Dubai’s sports teams as well as behind the scenes with global sports stars during their matches in Dubai. With all-exclusive access, we can keep up with players on and off the field, allowing for a unique never-before-seen view of sports stars. [/one_third_last]

Arts & Entertainment

The arts and entertainment programming brings the most up-to-date news on Dubai's blossoming art scene, film and TV projects, as well as hot new music, red carpet events, and concerts. Exclusive interviews with global celebrities and behind-the-scenes access to their projects in Dubai will be front and center on Dubai.TV and will be distributed to the global media. Producing celebrity events and projects in Dubai is part of our strategy to keeping Dubai in the global spotlight.[/one_third]


Dubai.TV’s new, cutting edge approach to technology reporting takes the technology coming out of Dubai to the rest of the world. Our team also has its sights set on bringing the biggest technology conventions and exciting product launches and hosting them in Dubai.[/one_third]


Our lifestyle content covers the latest in beauty, fashion trends, design, nightlife and cuisine in Dubai as well as exciting events and projects bringing global lifestyle icons to Dubai. Our lifestyle portal brands Dubai as the newest global taste-maker from the East to the West.[/one_third_last]


Dubai is quickly becoming a hub for knowledge and learning in the Middle East. As Dubai trains the bright minds of the future, our portal exposes the world to Dubai as the new center of knowledge. Dubai.TV’s education content features video and blogs revolving around all things education in Dubai. Our media portal will cover the nation’s journey of unlocking the human potential of its population and the gifted minds fromemerging Dubai’s schools and universities. Our educational programming introduces the world to Dubai's new knowledge based society.[/one_third]

Health & Wellness

Dubai has an immense opportunity to become the leader in the region for health consciousness and Dubai.TV has a blueprint for its future success. Through the use of expert health consultants and celebrity fitness personalities, Dubai.TV will create viral content from workouts and healthy eating tips as well as activities and sports events in Dubai’s beautiful spaces and initiatives throughout Dubai promoting a lifestyle of health and wellness.[/one_third]


Just as Dubai’s contribution to business has shaken the world, Dubai.TV also takes a look at the country’s immense philanthropic contributions to the world. Dubai’s vision of improving the quality of life of all of its residents as well as the global community makes it a shining star in the region for the advancement all people.Dubai.TV has plans to broadcast this vision with its “Philanthropy” content where it will produce heartwarming and inspirational stories of Dubai is making a difference in their society and the world at large.[/one_third_last]