DUBAI.TV is a powerful brand combining the absolute latest in cutting-edge internet technology, sticky celebrity-branded content and multimedia, strategic marketing and creative innovation, massive built-in consumer metrics, and an exciting social media network. Under construction by a core of leading Silicon Valley experts and Hollywood industry veterans, DUBAI.TV is poised to become one of the most influential brands in the entire Middle East.

DUBAI.TV is being designed to be a continually evolving, artificially intelligent web platform facilitating the constant communication between its users, automatically adjusting and updating itself according to the conversation, collaboration, the community, the media and business owners, retailers and service providers utilizing the portal. Built around the potential for crowdvertising and crowd-accelerated innovation, DUBAI.TV will not only keep up with but push forward the cutting edge of all social, media and technological innovations as they materialize, ensuring a big place not only in Dubai’s future but in all the Middle East. The portal is being programmed on Active Web Architecture, skillfully combining branded visual appeal, user value delivery, marketing/influence, and active business facilitation. The sheer scale of our digital outreach will precipitate massive brand awareness, ongoing customer engagement that will drive customer relationship loyalty, and tremendous online revenue generation via digital and target marketing.

DUBAI.TV will be the perfect blending of humanity and technology, with a digital platform and social community continually and constantly evolving in real time according to user interaction, user status updates, customer retail surveillance data integration, media, news and brand association. Web 1.0 brought the world of connected organizations, and Web 2.0 delivered the technological means of connecting people. Web 3.0 will be all about connecting devices, as more and more of the world connect to each other and with retailers through mobile devices, and Web 4.0 is all about connected information platforms. DUBAI.TV masterfully blends the best components of all of these internet developments, added with existing web technological components such as cloud computing, customer management systems and business developments, and furthermore positioning itself at the forefront of new technology that best serves everyone’s interests – be it user, consumer, retailer, business, tourist, media industry professional, entrepreneur or invester. Instant messaging, video conferencing, web meetings – everything related to business-to-business and business-to-consumer is being included to create a truly collaborative culture at DUBAI.TV, bridging the Eastern world and Western world in a dynamic, evolving and attractive environment. Our platform will offer up-to-the-minute news from Dubai as the action happens, as well as exciting and engaging in-depth feature stories on the sights, sounds and attractions of Dubai. DUBAI.TV offers unprecedented coverage of the region of Dubai that surpasses the surface level reporting of most mainstream media, with seamless integration of social media taking DUBAI.TV to billions of people around the world.

DUBAI.TV is being created as the ultimate social media and business portal for the world’s most exciting new tourism, business, sports, arts & entertainment, lifestyle, technology and education destination: Dubai. Never before has a brand for Dubai been created with the coolness factor of DUBAI.TV, bringing not only global media attention and sustainable tourism to the rapidly developing city, but also the ability to produce the biggest events, collaborations and celebrity appearances that have the potential of creating news headlines all around the world. With Dubai rebounding from the global economic challenges of the past few years, there never has been a better time to enter the Dubai market place. Dubai is leading the United Arab Emirate and the rest of the Middle East into a modernized, utopian environment, not only suitable for inclusion in the Western world but actually becoming a model city for the entire planet.

A powerful brand featuring the latest, cutting-edge technology to maximize consumer participation and increase commercial profit, DUBAI.TV is the first and only portal of its type that has the ability to strategically combine celebrity marketing with the latest in internet technology and social networking. Fortified with the latest in web technologies, social technologies, and mobile apps, DUBAI.TV will attract tremendous traffic from not only the Western world but beyond, with one-to-one digital marketing, social technologies that connect us with dedicated users in real time, automatic platform upgrade with customer surveillance data feeds, continuously fed with newly-harvested data from social profiles and user status updates. The creators of DUBAI.TV know exactly how to reach the Western world and appeal to their senses, and with the strategic layout of our incredibly advanced web portal will create a brand the likes of which has not been witnessed before in the entire Middle East. Indeed, where DUBAI.TV shines is its ability to create the coolness factor and the refined, sophisticated and exciting branding that appeals to the Western world. DUBAI.TV will bring the most iconic festivals, award shows, conventions, and sporting events while distributing the coverage to mainstream media outlets, putting Dubai on the world stage as a shining star in the region.

DUBAI.TV is the world’s window to Dubai. Be a part of the world’s number one social media portal to all things Dubai. Direct the conversation about Dubai for the Western world and command the most dynamic, interactive and multifaceted portal and social media network in Dubai. By combining the latest and greatest in technological innovation, proven branding and marketing expertise garnered from years of experience in Hollywood, with the emerging excitement of Dubai’s entertainment, business, sports, tourism and lifestyle, DUBAI.TV is creating a new global image of Dubai. DUBAI.TV directly and specifically encapsulates the theme of the UAE’s 2020 Expo bid of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future with our vision of a premium social network built around the packaging and broadcasting of Dubai as a branded phenomenon ready to set an example to the rest of the Middle East. Before long, when the Western world hears the word, “Dubai,” they will think of DUBAI.TV. With one click of a button, DUBAI.TV will distribute this compelling content to the entire planet.

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